TML by Tomorrowland presents the Summer Collection 2019

TML by Tomorrowland presents the Summer Collection 2019

Celebrating 15 years of Tomorrowland – a special tribute to The Book of Wisdom

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 - Seven weeks from now, 400,000 people will celebrate Tomorrowland’s 15th anniversary in Boom, Belgium, turning the holy grounds of domain De Schorre into a unique and magical world over the last two weekends of July. TML by Tomorrowland, the festival’s own fashion label, is now proud to introduce Part 1 of the brand new Summer Collection 2019, giving festivalgoers plenty of inspiration about what to wear for the upcoming summer season – and in particular for this special anniversary edition of Tomorrowland. The collection includes a range of T-shirts, tops, hoodies, caps and longsleeves, which are now available online

Each year, the sleepy town of Boom in Belgium gathers more than 200 nationalities, making Tomorrowland the most international festival in the world. TML by Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland’s own fashion label, is now proud to introduce Part 1 of the Summer Collection 2019. The Belgian team found their inspiration for the collection in the most iconic elements of 15 years of Tomorrowland, paying tribute to The Book of Wisdom, one of the most popular Tomorrowland themes of all time, which will return for the 15th anniversary celebrations this summer. With an eye for quality and detail, the Belgian team has created a fresh and playful collection with a bold, high-energy look.

Rosegarden – Unleash your inner dragon
Inspired by some of the most iconic Tomorrowland creatures, there’s a range of bold and floral dragon-inspired T-shirts that bring the magical Rosegarden to life, as well as a longsleeve that truly makes a statement. The artwork on both sleeves features the gentle 3-colored dragon of the iconic Rosegarden, watching over the People of Tomorrow. The ‘Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever’ lettering on the left of the chest reminds us to see the beauty in everyone and carry positive vibes across the world.

This part of the collection is colorful, fresh and playful, and is an ode to Tomorrowland’s magical Rosegarden stage with its gigantic moving dragon – one of the most iconic places at Tomorrowland and often called the most beautiful festival stage in the world. The mythical creature rises from the water and moves its head during artists’ performances, flashes its eyes and spits smoke and rose scent over the People of Tomorrow. The Rosegarden was introduced for the first time in 2016 and has been sparking imagination all around the world ever since, bringing a unique and spectacular energy, and serving as the perfect source of inspiration for our designers.

Amare – Spread your wings
Inspired by Amare, a range of T-shirts and longsleeves show spirit, power and pursuit of ultimate freedom. The large backprint of Amare will give you a look of wanderlust, while the small rubber print with Tomorrowland lettering on the front makes you look forward to moments of true happiness.  

This part of the collection is an ode to Amare, a special airplane created by Tomorrowland and Brussels Airlines in 2017, on a mission to unite the People of Tomorrow, connecting souls from all over the world. Amare is not just an airplane; it brings people’s hearts together all year round and symbolizes some of the key values of Tomorrowland: love, friendship and unity.

Iconic – When classics become legends
The new TML by Tomorrowland Summer Collection wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful Tomorrowland icon being emblazoned on a range of T-shirts and hoodies featuring unique details such as embroidery, tie-dye fabrics, satin prints, woven patches, etc. Our team carefully selected all of the fabrics and details to match the high-level quality you always find at Tomorrowland. 

The Sketch Tee shows the creation of the Tomorrowland icon in its purest form. It exposes the way the icon is built up, with all the values attached to it. The butterfly has a positive association and symbolizes freedom and the beauty of nature. The crown reminds us that we are one world in which we are all equal. The eye inspires us to keep an eye out for each other and see the beauty of life even though our sight is sometimes blurred by all the problems we face every day. 

The Felicity Tee is inspired by the colorful butterfly, often seen on the Tomorrowland logo, giving a bold but feminine pink tie-dye look.  

The Mariposa Tee features unique, never-before-seen artwork because of the highly-detailed embroidery with a digital print on top. On the Tomorrowland icon artwork, the dragonfly watches over the butterflies. 

Inspired by the beautiful flowers that blossom every year, The Begonia Hoodie shows us the beauty of life and all the fragile things in it. It has a clean look and beautiful, detailed flower embroidery on the side sleeves to give it a feminine touch. The Love Today lettering on the front reminds us to treasure the beauty of nature.

Discover Part 1 of the new TML by Tomorrowland Summer Collection 2019 at The rest of the collection will be released in the run-up to the festival.


About TML by Tomorrowland

TML by Tomorrowland is the Belgian apparel & accessories label behind Tomorrowland, which creates high-quality, accessible, durable and wearable clothing with a positive vibe for the People of Tomorrow so that they can enjoy the magic of Tomorrowland, all year round. All TML by Tomorrowland apparel and accessories are designed in-house, with carefully selected fabrics & shapes and attention to every detail, embodying some of the most iconic elements and creatures of Tomorrowland.

Wearing TML by Tomorrowland means to embody the Tomorrowland soul and being part of the People of Tomorrow; free spirited people with hedonistic and cosmopolitan mindsets, and our heart in the right place. We believe in a sustainable future where nature, equality, love & health play an important role and TML by Tomorrowland designs for the future, committed to reduce its impact on mother nature.

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