TML by Tomorrowland unveils new FW19-20 Collection

TML by Tomorrowland unveils new FW19-20 Collection

Monday, 16 December 2019 - TML by Tomorrowland is starting 2020 with a bang and proudly unveils its brand new FW19-20 Collection. Ready to dive into the new year and write another chapter in the mysterious Book of Wisdom, the warm styles of the new collection are truly bringing the magic of Tomorrowland Winter to life. All new styles and accessories including a bunch of iconic longsleeves, trendy graphic hoodies and fashionable beanies & goggles are inspired by Tomorrowland Winter and designed for an adventure of a lifetime filled with snow, undiscovered secrets and warm memories high up in the beautiful surroundings of the French mountains. Get ready for this magical journey in 2020 and gear up with these iconic apparel items and warm accessories in bright colors and bring all your positive energy to the world’s most beautiful mountain peaks. Discover the brand new TML by Tomorrowland FW19-20 Collection now online.

Icon Bloom Longsleeve (purple) – Grow to blossom - € 50
The Icon Bloom Longsleeve features the Tomorrowland Icon surrounded by beautiful growing flowers on the back that remind us of the power and beauty of nature. The small handwritten Tomorrowland lettering embroidery across the chest gives this soft sweatshirt a clean look.

Mountain Longsleeve (black) – Enjoy the view - € 60
The road to the summit is sometimes long and unforgiving, but to reach the top and enjoy the view is what makes us happy and lets us experience ultimate freedom. The Mountain Longsleeve displays the beautiful surroundings of the French Alps and the world’s most beautiful peaks where the view is always astonishing. The Tomorrowland lettering on the left sleeve will leave a trace of positivity across the world’s most beautiful mountains. 

Rosie Longsleeve (white/lime) – Sky above, earth below, fire within - € 50
Positive vibes are like a flame of fire, burning deep within your soul. The Live Today lettering embroidery on the Rosie Longsleeve will ignite others and spread this positivity across the globe. The gentle dragon of the iconic Rosegarden on your back will watch over the People of Tomorrowland and bring the magical Rosegarden to life. This longsleeve T-shirt also has a loose fit, which gives you the freedom of movement and helps you to show the spark that connects us all. Unleash your inner dragon with this tribute to one of the most iconic places at Tomorrowland.

Graphic Icon Hoodie (black/sand/pink) – Shape your own future - € 75
Enter a world where different geometrical shapes all work together as one to create the Graphic Icon Hoodie. This dimension eventually forms the bigger picture: the magnificent Tomorrowland Icon, because together, we can achieve so much more. This cosy sweater is ideal for cold nights, and the large hood shelters you from the harsh elements of winter. Along with its ribs around the sleeves and the neck, this hoodie ensures the perfect fit that respects the freedom of movement and comfort. All individual elements that come together to create the bigger picture is nothing less than creating harmony.

Winter Accessories

Icon Beanie (light pink/black/aqua/grey/blue/purple/lime/bright pink) – Protect your dome - € 30
The ribbed shape of the Icon Beanie brings comfort as well as durability, and the flipped edge always ensures a perfect fit to keep you warm. The high-quality embroidered Tomorrowland icon keeps you positive all day, with a warm feeling of Love, Peace and Unity.

Jackson (black) & Chief (yellow) Mountain Goggles– Acquire clear vision - € 130
The Tomorrowland Goggles offer a huge spherical design with a Zeiss patented sonar lens, granting you with a wide view and excellent vision. It also has 100% UV protection and an Anti-Fog coating, to make sure your eyes are completely protected no matter which conditions. The unique Tomorrowland designed strap is an actual photo of the light show inside the Freedom Stage, and a Tomorrowland Icon patch on both sides reminds you to see the beauty in everyone. You will never miss a single thing of the magic of Tomorrowland Winter thanks to the Smart Venting System, which avoids fogging and keeps clear vision even during heavy snowfall.

Scarf (black) – Nice and snug - € 70
An outdoor classic to protect your neck from the harsh elements, complete with knitted Tomorrowland lettering. This classic scarf will provide a stylish and warm look all winter long. For those who enjoy several mountain activities, or just to conquer the cold, the Tomorrowland scarf with warm knitted fabric will keep you nice and snug. 

Discover the brand new TML by Tomorrowland FW19-20 Collection now online.


About TML by Tomorrowland

TML by Tomorrowland is the Belgian apparel & accessories label behind Tomorrowland, which creates high-quality, accessible, durable and wearable clothing with a positive vibe for the People of Tomorrow so that they can enjoy the magic of Tomorrowland, all year round. All TML by Tomorrowland apparel and accessories are designed in-house, with carefully selected fabrics & shapes and attention to every detail, embodying some of the most iconic elements and creatures of Tomorrowland.

Wearing TML by Tomorrowland means to embody the Tomorrowland soul and being part of the People of Tomorrow; free spirited people with hedonistic and cosmopolitan mindsets, and our heart in the right place. We believe in a sustainable future where nature, equality, love & health play an important role and TML by Tomorrowland designs for the future, committed to reduce its impact on mother nature.

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